Find in Reality the Mmorpg
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Tue Jul 13, 2021 5:01 pm
If you want as official game completion, in this section you can post scientific evidence that you have found a magical creature. Any science is welcome to prove your answer to the game.

An acceptable answer is :

"I have found an elf, because, i searched elf pictures on google and found some elves. My scientific evidence is : Genetic deformity goes a long way back, people with elf ear deformity are actually elves because back then people lived primitively and if a person saw a person with an elf ear deformity in the forest he would have seen an elf... This is my proof that people with elf deformity today are actually elves and i witnessed one at google pictures. I have read on the internet that people in primitive times have seen elves in the forest. My link that states these facts is this : eg." (Optional: I used the science of research and linking facts that i have verified with undeniable logic to exist)

Tip : Be careful with your archaeological resources - proof needs to exist today that obviously links to that time. Like in this case, if the rumor that people saw elves in primitive times is not true, the fact however states that a similar truth could be true, because it has stayed up to today, and as time passes all words tend to have some truth in them.

Any answer that makes logical sense, not necessarily scientific, if scientific it needs to be logical as well however, is accepted.
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